Slojoy blog!

Why is a coffee roasting company starting a blog? 

We like coffee. I mean really like coffee.
We also really like people. (I mean who doesn't...)

We want to bridge that gap between the two by sharing stories.
The process from farm to cup is beautiful and complex.
There are hands upon hands that are go unseen and unnoticed.
We are excited to share the stories of this process and these people.

BUT, we also care about what happenafter the cup.
What happens when the cup is empty?
What happens when you leave our coffee shop?
We want to make sure our coffee keeps going when it runs out.

It is our desire to give back, invest in and serve the city of Oakland.
We want to use a portion of sales to help meet real needs of real people.
We don't quite know how that will take shape.
Yet that's the exciting part. By drinking Slojoy you are giving back.
And by giving - we are spreading joy together!

This blog will be a place for stories.
Stories of farmers. Stories of people.
Stories of joy being spread through good coffee and good works.

So... why is a coffee roasting company starting a blog? 
Because we are on a mission to spread joy.
Although that may start with a good cup of coffee, it sure doesn't end there. 

We are excited to partner with you in this new adventure!