We know we are in the business of roasting and brewing coffee. We know we have a small coffee shop. We also know that we've only been doing this thing for a little over a year. BUT, we have been dead set since the beginning of Slojoy to use our platform to give back to our city (Oakland). We want to do something with what God has blessed us with - even if its small. There are a lot of people who have legitimate needs around us.  Most of us have a roof over our head, clothes on our back and enough change in our wallets to buy a cup of coffee. Why not partner together and meet the needs of those around us?

With that said - we have nowhere better to look than to you - our customers and friends. We want to reach out and ask you for suggestions, directions and avenues in which we can give back. Know a neighbor who lost his job and needs some help? Heard about an organization that needs volunteers and money to complete a project? Have a family member that has been hospitalized and needs meals or assistance? We just want to help people and love them the best we can - and we know you do as well. Let's partner together!

Have ideas, suggestions, questions, etc?
Email us at or leave a comment below and let's talk!

For the JOY of others,
The Slojoy Team

Christopher StitesComment