Slojoy Move; Open Letter


These past five months have been a wild adventure! We never expected to be where we are at currently. Opening our coffee bar in Rocky's has opened up a floodgate of support, new friendships and amazing opportunities. We have been so humbled by the feedback and encouragement. We have loved serving up coffee and seeing our regulars walk in with their kids and families. It was a joy to hear about their stories, lives and dreams. Like we've always said - we love coffee, but we love people more.

Unfortunately, our time inside Rocky's Market will be coming to a close at the end of this month (April 30th). This transition comes out of a mix of new ownership coupled with some differentiating views on operating and mission. As we have communicated, we are all about spreading joy. For us, that joy comes from God, His love for us, His beauty seen in this life and world and the grace found in Jesus. We understand not everyone understands nor agrees with this. That is one of the main reasons why we are having this transition - we have been told that this type of content is not allowed to be discussed or communicated. Although we certainly respect that others do not agree with or understand it all - we would not be ourselves if we ceased to share and be about it. For us, that will never happen. How can someone cease talking about and living for the one thing that has changed everything for them? We know Oakland is a diverse city with different beliefs. We aren't offended by the diversity - we love it; it's what makes life beautiful. That is why we love to talk about this beautiful gift called life with others - we love to learn and discuss and challenge and think through things. Life is too short to worry about being politically correct - and life is certainly too short to shy away from talking about truth and God and purpose. We believe God created people. He created them to enjoy His creation as well as enjoy Him. We want people to get that joy. Why? Because it has rocked our hearts, flipped our perspectives and changed our lives forever - for the good! That is why we want to give back to Oakland by meeting the needs of those around us. That is why we want to roast and brew coffee that has delicious flavor. That is why we want to create spaces for community to grow and converse. We are compelled to do good because good has been done to us. You have to run with what you're passionate about and not let anything get in the way of it - that's what we are doing!

What does this mean for Slojoy Coffee?

We are doing a few things to keep the mission moving; 

1. We launched a monthly subscription service. We love roasting coffee in small batches and want to continue to get coffee into the hands of the people around us. You can sign up to receive 1, 2 or 4 bags / month, delivered straight to your home. Click here for more info.

2. We are moving to pop-up mode. We are reaching out and connecting with local businesses, art galleries, restaurants, etc. to set up temporary events where we can serve up fresh pour-overs. We love supporting Oakland businesses and love being out in the community meeting new people. Keep an eye on where Slojoy will be next through our Events page. Have a lead on a possible pop-up location or want Slojoy at your event or business? Contact us here!

3. We are looking to open up local wholesale accounts in cafes. We would love to get our coffee into a few coffee shops around the Bay. We are reaching out and meeting up with business owners from around the area. Know a cafe that is looking for coffee? Want to test out Slojoy for your shop? Contact us here!

All in all, we are stoked for the future. We didn't start this to get rich, be famous or even become the hippest coffee business in the area. We've always had the simple mission of making coffee that we like to drink and using the business as a door to be able to serve others. We love Oakland, it's our home. The mission and goal has never changed - we're just switching up the way it looks. 

Thank you for your constant, amazing, humbling support.
Our aim is love people - no matter what you believe, say, do or think. 
We're just a bunch of nobodies trying to spread joy!

Cheers to this next season!

For the Joy of others,
- The Slojoy Team

Ps; Want to chat, get together, brainstorm, learn more about our move or just have a cup?
Email us: