We started Slojoy over 3 years ago in our home kitchen roasting coffee for friends and family one pound at a time. A few things have changed since then. We roast on a bigger machine for a larger group of friends and family (some new, some old). We still make coffee we enjoy drinking black. But one thing has stayed the same and that is our mission. We didn't start a coffee roasting company to be cool, hip, rich and famous. Those things sound boring to us. Our hope with Slojoy was to create opportunities to spread joy. We wanted to use our platform and our product to give and not just take. We know that might sound vague to you, so let us explain... 

Spreading joy to us means creating spaces for community to blossom and flourish. Coffee has the ability to bring people together that wouldn't normally cross paths - we like that. That is why we do everything from small pop-ups at local art galleries to weddings and festivals, you never know what will come out of sharing stories over a cup of coffee. Spreading joy also looks like giving back to those around us in our community, Oakland. Our aim is to give a portion of our sales back to meet the needs of our neighbors. We want to love others like we've been loved. 

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Currently we roast weekly in Berkeley, Ca weekly in small batches.
We source our coffee from all over the world and rotate based on harvest.
We are also in the process of opening up our own little coffee shop in downtown Oakland (1528 Webster St.) coming early 2018!



No, this is not a dream. You can brew good coffee in your home.
Leave the work to us; we'll roast it fresh and ship it weekly.
You just need to figure out how many bags you want to enjoy each month.
And what kind of slippers you plan to wear when you brew your cup!


  • We offer 1-4 bag / month plans and ship each week.
  • Each bag is 12 oz (340g) and will make approx. 15 pour overs.
  • Our offerings rotate every 1-2 months (based on harvest and amount).

Christmas is about joy - so why not spread some?
Gift a Monthly Subscription or some Freshly Roasted Bags!



Q: When do I need to place my order by?
All orders must be in by December 16 in order to roast and ship in time.

Q: How do I gift a subscription?
Click the corresponding image above and [1] choose the duration of the plan (3,6, 12 months), [2] choose the size of the plan (we offer 1-4 bags per month) and [3] fill out the shipping address of the person you are wanting the coffee to be sent to and BAM, we'll take it from there!

Q: What coffee will I be receiving?
As of right now (November 27) we are offering a Congo Kivu and Ethiopia Guji. These offerings may change due to availability.

For further questions please CONTACT US.

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Office, Cafe, Church? 
Having coffee is normal.
Having good coffee...well, not so much.
Let us roast for you!

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Coffee Shop - Coming Early 2018
1528 Webster Street
Oakland, CA, 94612